Acoustics in the Church

Our many years experience in the Electronic Service and Support Industry allows us to solve some of the most complex on-site systems problems, and we can also troubleshoot and repair most electronic equipment to the component  level.
We have the tools and expertise to solve your system problems. And we can also tune and calibrate things for best overall performance.  We will work with you to protect your investment and provide you with a simple solution for future repairs and improvements.

Our technical team can assess and track your equipment usage

We have the tools and equipment to properly calibrate and align most gear 

We offer a free first time visit to assess and evaluate your system

We will make recommendations as to when and what you'll need to replace and why

We do equipment repairs and can troubleshoot also any system problem you may have

We even have the equipment to analyze your electrical power to make sure its not the source of your problems

Our even support the older CRT technology

We also do System Upgrades and re-designs

We can even make recommendation for proper system ground re-wiring for best protection and isolation 

Our inventory of test equipment includes: Oscilloscopes, Multi-meters, Spectrum Analyzers, Video Pattern Generators, Audio Signal Generators, Sound Pressure Meters, RF Signal Analyzers, Fiber Optics Tester and tools, Frequency Counters, Waveform Monitors, Sound Calibration Microphones, AC Power Analyzers and various other power troubleshooting gear. To include PC based Test, Calibration and Setup Software.


From our many years of personal experience being involved and also in dealing directly with Houses of Worship, we have decided
to put together a very special and Comprehensive Service Maintenance Program that includes Ministry Training.

This program includes equipment inventory, System Calibration, Alignment and Ministry Training to properly correlate the proper function of media operations, that also support both Pulpit and Music Ministries for the absolute best overall performances and events.

Our training approach moves the system operators away from the “volunteer” mindset,
to a more Biblical approach of Christian Servitude.  We train and also suggest books and seminars (if necessary) to gain a better technical and acoustical understanding of the equipment they will be operating and how to get the best performance out of it. 

The Maintenance Agreement (PM) sets up a predetermined schedule of visits for each maintenance year.  The agreement puts in
place a determined amount of service visits that includes a reasonable response time for on-site support.  Also included is Coverage
for the visits and travel time, with each visit providing complete system alignments followed by an evaluative system Preventative Maintenance report.

We can also make upgrade recommendations (if necessary), as well as, re-engineer and make changes to improve on and make your existing equipment perform to its absolute best level of performance.  We like to make what you already have work for you!