Rear of digital matrix switcher


Doing a power analysis on a multi-display video presentation system main control rack, using our power analyzers while the switcher is removed.

-- On-site wiring and equipment installations for Commercial A/V Systems, IT and some Home Theater projects .  We do the installation for you.

-- Install and wire most rack assemblies using your drawings and can also calibrate and test for finished results.  Because we are fully equipped with both audio and video calibration test gear and tools to professionally finish the project.

-- Large Screen Video Systems Calibrations, and Multiple Display Projection Systems troubleshooting and problem solving. 

-- Bench to component level repair, including service and repair of projectors, amplifiers, processors and
many other associated components.

-- Field Service and Bench level repair as a sub-contractor. 

-- Adherence to Industry Standards for drawings and site plans, and we have the tools to make sure that the job is finished to your design expectations.

-- Help and work with you in purchasing a new system, or in making a major upgrade.  Let us walk with you from start to finish to make sure you choose the right system and company for the job.

-- We can also help you work out any problems with the seller of an already purchased system.  .   

Let our over 35 years of experience in the Electronics Industry work for you and your organization -- You'll be glad you did!